Welcome! As you join the Personnel Preference team we want to make sure that you are well acquainted with our policies and procedures. At the time of your registration with us as an applicant, you will receive an orientation of the following areas:

WORK CONDITIONS POLICY explains Personnel Preference expectations of employee attendance, promptness, illness, absences, holidays, work schedule, overtime, and general conduct. It also addresses appropriate dress for the position, language considerations, smoking, the confidential nature of work, and the at-will employment provision.

TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE BENEFIT POLICY explains the Personnel Preference benefit structure including Global Cash Card, credit union membership, and free checking.

DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE POLICY emphasizes the commitment of Personnel Preference to a drug free workplace and explains the testing procedure.

SAFETY POLICY reinforces Personnel Preference’s commitment to maintaining good safety practices and healthy working conditions for all our employees. This policy includes many safeguard reminders and a list of the employee’s responsibilities related to maintaining a safe work environment. The procedures to follow in the event of a workplace accident or injury are also explained.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICY outlines the company philosophy of zero tolerance for sexual harassment and names the agency contact person for filing a complaint. There is also a brief description under California and federal law of the definition of sexual harassment.

Other pamphlets and brochures are included in the orientation packet which is given to the applicant to retain for their records. Additionally, an oral orientation is provided by the Placement Coordinator during the interview and questions are encouraged.

Personnel Preference is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against anyone because of race, color, religion, age, sex or national origin.