County Information



Personnel Preference is centrally located in Siskiyou County, the fifth largest geographic county in California. Siskiyou County is inland, adjacent to the southern Oregon border, and covers a sprawling 6,347 square miles of mountains, valleys, rivers, wetlands, forests, high deserts, farmland and ranchland. The dominant landscape feature is Mt. Shasta, which towers at 14,162 feet above sea level.

Siskiyou County can boast spectacular natural beauty and scenic small cities and towns. The population of less than 48,000 lives in a rural setting with approximately half the population in unincorporated areas, the remaining population in small pockets along the major transportation routes.

The size of Siskiyou County (five times larger than the State of Rhode Island) has unique challenges in employment opportunities for the residents who make their homes here. The service and retail trade industries represent the majority of job opportunities available. The public sector has approximately 15% of the job market, while manufacturing represents less than 8% of the total labor force. In the past, Siskiyou County was dominated by the logging and timber industries, but now only a few operating mills remain.

Historically, Siskiyou County has had low population growth and high unemployment due to the seasonal nature of logging and the retail sector, which is highly dependent on tourism through the summer months.

Personnel Preference works closely with employers in both the public and private sectors of the local economy and has an excellent reputation for providing innovative and cost-effective staffing services.